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Friday, February 25, 2011

im like i totally forgot about this blog.......

therefore pls do let me say a word of apology......
im sorry

im now in 2nd final sem le.....
it's quite hard to juggle 6 subj's final year project and work at same time.....
hope god reali strengthens me

update soon

Wednesday, August 25, 2010



Wednesday, July 21, 2010

July happenings

it's been almost one month since i last updated my blog....
well, july was a busy month, full of excitement and suprises...
but then i am living happily on my own....

i did had some fun during these time.....

World Cup finale(sg Wang)

pics taken wif WC mini trophies

pic wif WC mascot

lionel messi, he is so leng zai

yes, i support spain.... had spain's flag painted on my neck

and waiting
and more camwhore

battle of the sexes( spain against holland)

BOn Odori( Panasonic Sports Complex, Shah Alam)
off we go
check the three pics above, it's either i closed my eyes or teo has closed his eyes...very funny leh

traffic was damn jam when we reach shah alam

on the way walking inside, check out da heavy crowd..... wanna buy food will kena squeeze badly

wooo, japanese mm

opening ceremony, drum performance
japanese mm dancing
wat a tall jap mm

cute jap bb

cute little jap mm, do i look alike to them?

me n lionel(my gor gor)
2 yrs din meet edi
it's nice meeting him back

Next, i will be busy shifting to a new room..... n more n more quizzes and assignments

Friday, June 25, 2010

The day i waited 3 hours for a train

ok, it was a friday n tis weekend is father's day.... so i decided to go back ipoh to visit mum n celebrate wif her....

well, things din go very well for me.....
first of all, my bro bought the wrong date for the ticket back to ipoh, so he has to go change it....
and by da time he went to change back the ticket, those economy class seats had all been sold out,
but the problem is he dun hv enuf money to buy the 2nd class ticket
he only has one alternative, buy the ticket of the train that is goin to hadyai...

well, i adi warned him tat the train will take a longer time to reach ipoh n the train is always delayed......

stupid him never listen to me.....
sometimes i reali hate him
when i finally reach kl sentral, we went for our dinner at burger king, tis is wat we ate

i had the whooper jr n he had da whooper

after dinner, we went to wait near da platform,
(it was 8.45 then, the train suppose to start moving at 9)
n tats when i heard the announcement tat the train will be delayed for 1 n half hour......

after tat, we went to kfc n sat there, we juz get on9 wif our phone,
urghhhh, tat was so boring.

then at around 9.45 we had mashed potato from kfc
boring. boring, boring..... haiz

n we sat inside kfc until it close shop at 10.30 we still cant get on da train......

finally at 11pm we manage to get on da train
the train coach is freezing
i tot the train is goin to move de le,
but out of my expectation, it didn't
n inside the train coach we waited another 1 hr.
finally, the train started moving at 12.... my bro was sleeping like a pig adi....
i cant sleep coz he is leaning against me,
damn, he is heavy!

conclusion, dun go out wif no money.....
n ktmb shud reali look into tis matter, not the first time adi.....

Father's day

Father's day, 20100

well, i celebrated tis day wif my mum coz she my mum n also dad...
we went to a japanese restaurant in ipoh garden east named akamomiji

the restaurant was quite noisy probably bcoz it's father's day n i dun reali like da surrounding though....

here are some pics tat i took

sashimi my fav, as usual

kappa maki, my sis fav
beef sukiyaki, too sweet..... tis is wat i dun like

cucumber roll, ok only.... u guys shud try Jun's sushi's at ipoh garden east. tat one is alot better

mom's.... cheese baked oyster..... now, tis is super duper nice

macha ice, my fav.... u guys shud try haagen daaz de.... it's nice too..... had a taste of it last time when i went Jocoya....

watermelon sorbet, my bro's......

well, as a conclusion, i love japanese food

Thursday, June 17, 2010

it was 15 Jun, we all went to Zan Mai Sushi at the Gardens to celebrate Sophia's birthday
below are some pics tat we took

wat i had tat night
zaru chasoba... my all time fav
my fav sashimi
food they had.... all had rice except me
this is wat Leong n Yung Lerd had..... curry katsu don
salmon maki
da ebiko n salmon was super nice
me n leong (normal shot)
cute shot
leong innocent shot
leong trying to grab me

wasabi challenge
round 1: mc against kenny
winner: mc
wasabi challenge
round 2: mc against kenny n ken chong
winner: mc